Who are we?

The Ulysse Nation center is a multidisciplinary center for young people in the community. They will have access to an enriched program focused on boxing and healthy lifestyles. To achieve their goals, Ulysse Nation provides its members with a training center, nutrition specialists, trainers, and a variety of sports equipment. We encourage young people to mobilize and help them to realize themselves as individuals. We want to offer young people all the means necessary for their development.
High-tech equipment is available to members to improve their cognitive performance and agility through exercises. Various programs ranging from fitness, boxing, cardio, to nutrition workshops are available to members.


Help young people achieve and maintain a standard of quality physical and psychological performance through sport. Supervise and support them so that they can develop healthy lifestyle habits.
Head Coach / Entraineur-chef
Centre sportif Ulysse nation
419 St-Roch
Montréal,Québec,Canada,H3N 1K2
Tél: 514-999-6737